Cats Cradle Shelter: Really Cool

One of my friends surprised us over the weekend by texting our group chat with pictures of her adorable cat Nikoli. His ears were a little frostbitten but he was super adorable and according to her, super lovable. While the cat was surprising, it was more surprising that she had gotten him from Cats Cradle Shelter (it was surprising because my group has been working on our proposal with them and I hadn’t mentioned it to any of them). But it wasn’t actually that surprising, because Cats Cradle Shelter is a really great organization and I’m really happy that our group got to work with them on this proposal. I figured that we’re doing so much research on them already, that it would be great to spread a little bit of information about the nonprofit that we get to work with.

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“CATS Cradle Shelter is dedicated to rehoming unwanted cats and kittens and educating the community on humane treatment, prevention of cruelty and proper care of companion animals . CATS Cradle Shelter is primarily a pound rescue organization, committed to rescuing as many unclaimed strays from the local pounds as our shelter will allow therefore lowering the number of felines being euthanized each year.”

Like all shelters, Cats Cradle has the very important job of saving the lives of cute little creatures throughout the FM area. They take their duty very seriously and are a 100% no kill shelter. They deal a lot with high risk cases and cats that have been injured a lot and require medical attention. They also take in a lot of kittens and work with making sure they grow up big and strong. (Photo is mostly for cute but also for proof)

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Cats Cradle is entirely volunteer run, which means that they are always looking for help.

Click here for a link to their volunteer page on their website! If you have any free time check it out.

What surprised me the most about Cats Cradle was their dedication to their social media. A lot of the times we see nonprofits tend to fall slack on the social media front just because they don’t quite know how to use it to their advantage. Cats Cradle didn’t fall into that category. They post on Facebook at least once day, sometimes more. They have great success with audience participation through comments and likes. They also do Twitter, but they’re less active and interact less with their community on there. The people that work there are just so dedicated to these cats and it really shows through on their social media. Cats are popular, so that does contribute to their success a bit, but I think the real thing here is that people can see how much they care about each and every animal they bring in.

Cats Cradle is amazing because they care about the work they do and it shows through in all aspects of their organization.

Click for a link to their Facebook. Give them a like and a follow!

Click for a link to their Website. Maybe think about adopting a cat for yourself!


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